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• Born in Paris in 1943 into a russian emigrant family. Until 1958 I lived and studied in France and Italy, then in Russia, where I graduated in a high school in Leningrad. I got my degree in physics, with specialization in marine geophysics, at Moscow University in 1968. For ten years I worked as a researcher in the Institute of Oceanology of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1973 to 1976 I was the chief of expedition in the White Sea.
• When I returned to France in 1978, I worked as a technical translator. From 1986 I live in Murazzano, Italy, Cuneo Province, Piedmont. Since then I work as a professional painter.
• I studied drawing in Rome (1957-58), in Sukhumi (1960), Russia, and in Paris School of Drawing (1979-81). In 2000 I was elected a member of the Russian Painters Union. I work in soft pastel technique from 1978 and I have had more than 60 personal exhibitions in Italy, France and Russia.
• I was the manager of the “Europastel” international exhibition, which took place first in Piedmont (2002) and then in Saint-Petersburg (2003). 320 pastellists from 28 European countries and USA took part in this exhibition. The Pastel Society of America attributed me the prestigious award of the “Hall of Fame”. I am the promoter of “Saint-Anastasia – a hope for peace” international project.

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